Monday, December 9, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Hollywood Reporter

Grauman's Chinese Theatre Showcasing Memorabilia From ...

Hollywood Reporter-Nov. 25, 2011
... will now showcase a large collection of iconic film costumes in its lobby. ... it plans to show Marilyn Monroe's gold lame gown from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, ...
Story image for iconic gown from Daily Mail

Mistresses of the masterpieces: The muses behind Pablo ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 19, 2011
Picasso had affairs with many women and his different painting styles reveal much about his attitude towards them. Here art historian Amanda Renshaw looks at ...
Story image for iconic gown from StyleCaster

Audrey Hepburn's Lace Oscar Dress Goes Up For Auction

StyleCaster-Nov. 7, 2011
Months later, as the actress collected her Best Actress Oscar for Roman Holiday, the iconic actress wore a version of the same white gown. Hepburn famously ...


Pearl Necklace said...

Like the search for causality always disappoint. Even if we adopt one or the other hypotheses, you will need to explain the connection of the considered trends with the decline of the unifying and legitimizing force of the great stories about speculation or liberation.

Anonymous said...

In truth, for
the very meaning of the words sosestausee places is emphasized stronger than
the likeness of things."Imported" are things that, coming closer,
be in proximity to each other. They touch the edges of Their faces
are connected to each other, and the end of one thing means the beginning of another.
This transfer movement, influences, passions, and
properties from thing to thing. Thus, the couplings of the things that arise
similarities. This similarity is only to try to identify
is twofold: first, the similarity space, space,
which nature has placed these two things, therefore, by the similarity of their
properties because natural repository, which is the world
the neighborhood is not an external relationship between things, and sign them
least a vague kinship; secondly, from this contact is born
by sharing new similarities, establishes the General order; the similarity of both
on the hidden base of the neighborhood is superimposed a resemblance that is
a visible manifestation of spatial proximity. For example, soul and body twice
fitting against each other: sin, I think, made the soul
dull, ponderous and mired in the earth, as soon as the Lord put it in
the thick matter. But thanks to this neighborhood, the soul perceives
movements of the body and fused with it while the body is at the same time "is changed and
deteriorates under the influence of passions of the soul"