Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Idolator: All About The Music

Beyonce Halloween Costume: A How-To Guide

Idolator: All About The Music-Oct. 22, 2011
We're back again to help you handpick the most iconic ensembles from 2011 and give you some tips on how to recreate ... A fierce and extravagant white gown.
Story image for iconic gown from Glamour.com

Victoria Beckham's Heirloom Fashion

Glamour.com-May 16, 2011
Philip came up with concepts inspired by her dress fabric but unfortunately it had ... of Balmain – identifiable as such by that iconic, razor-sharp shoulder shape.
Story image for iconic gown from Florida Times-Union

1 christening gown worn by 25 family members through 4 ...

Florida Times-Union-Jul. 22, 2011
It's a simple piece of cloth. White linen with some subtle embroidery and lace, not overly fancy. More than ample to clothe a baby - and sturdy enough to play a ...
Story image for iconic gown from Clothes on Film

Katie Holmes in The Kennedys: Armani's Copy of a Copy

Clothes on Film-Aug. 4, 2011
... with creating the First Lady's iconic look), she blossoms into the public figure we ... They compliment her outfit, a long white evening gown seemingly based on ...


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