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Story image for iconic gown from Reuters

"Iconic" Diana dress fetches $276000 at auction

Reuters-Jun. 8, 2010
LONDON (Reuters) - The black taffeta dress worn by Princess Diana at her first official appearance with Prince Charles after announcing their engagement ...
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Magical memories for Michelle Obama as she donates her ...

hellomagazine.com-Mar. 10, 2010
Magical memories for Michelle Obama as she donates her iconic inaugural ball dress ... And the beautiful white one-shouldered chiffon gown worn by Michelle ...
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Marilyn Monroe gown fetches £213000 at auction

Telegraph.co.uk-Jun. 13, 2010
It was described as "one of the most charismatic and iconic pieces of film history". The face of the monster "Balok", which appeared in the closing credits of most ...
Story image for iconic gown from hellomagazine.com

Princess Diana's debut dress to be sold at auction with other ...

hellomagazine.com-Apr. 13, 2010
Princess Diana's debut dress to be sold at auction with other iconic pieces ... she made a dramatic first impression in a stunning black taffeta Emanuel gown.


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The legitimation of decisions is mainly in the affective process of learning, not prone to perturbations. This is one aspect of a more General question: how do expectations change as the political-administrative subsystem can rebuild the expectations of society with the help of some of the decisions, while she is only a subsystem? This segment can not provide effective impact, if you will not be able to form new expectations in other existing systems, whether of the individual or social system" (Luhmann N. Legitimation durch Verfahren. Loc. cit. P. 35).

Anonymous said...

This process of progressive "decentration" person in the world,
there is a gradual process of development to explore the world and discoveries
it all the new laws affected initially
mostly the area natural science knowledge. Marx's
the opening of the socio-economic condition of consciousness and
materialistic rationale of political economy, gave a powerful
impetus to the development of the social Sciences and Humanities, such as
linguistics, psychology, history of science and culture, and above all
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the fields of social and humanitarian knowledge processes
testify to the desire of scientists to understand the criteria
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criteria of scientific knowledge.
The sharpness of the methodological problems in
large extent characterizes this kind of research and
socio-cultural phenomenon of structuralism. Its purpose -- it
the identification of the logic of creation, structure and functioning of complex
objects of human spiritual culture. In the most General form
application of structural methods aim at the overthrow
familiar in the field of humanitarian knowledge ???????5 subjectivism
anthropocentrism, psychology. Methodologically, this
settings correspond the primacy of the study of relations over
elements of simultaneous structures over their diachronic
changes of the invariants of transformations of structures over
specific ways of performing these transformations and so on.
Structuralism in humanitarian cognition -- the phenomenon
Interscience international. The most clear organizational and
the theoretical community has distinguished schools of linguistic
structuralism (the Prague, Copenhagen, American,etc.)