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Pay Up! 4 Things You'll Be Asked to Contribute to as a ... 27, 2016
Taking on that bridesmaid role has an infamous reputation for a few reasons. One reason has to do with the potentially less-than-flattering (but not always!)
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This professional bridesmaid says losing her job as a ...

Business Insider UK-Sep. 22, 2016
It wasn't totally surprising that when Glantz's roommate called her "the professional bridesmaid" in the summer of 2014 — somewhere around her sixth stint as a ...

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12 Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dresses That Aren't Super Basic

Elite Daily (blog)-Apr. 21, 2016
Contrary to popular opinion, being a bridesmaid is actually very fun. You get to spend loads of time with your friend, helping pick everything from her honeymoon ...
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The reasons bridesmaids dress the same is REALLY weird 13, 2016
If you've ever wondered why bridesmaids traditionally wear the same/very similar dresses, you're about to wish you never wondered. Apparently, the tradition ...


Pearl Necklace said...

If to generalize this property, we must recognize the existence of internal constraints of the formalism143. The logic for these restrictions mean that used in the description of an artificial language, the metalanguage is "natural" or "everyday" language; it is universal, since all other languages can translate it; but not justified in relation to negation, because it allows the formation of paradoxes

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As a precursor L. Karsavina in this area, but
this, which went in a slightly different direction -- more historic,
you can call it G. Markelov (Markelov G. I. Personality as
cultural-historical phenomenon (studies on the history of individualism). -- Vol.1.
SPb.. 1912). It is built Chapter by Chapter: Egypt, China, India, Israel, Greece,
Rome, Christianity. In the introduction we find the following observation:
"Modernity can be characterized as the era of psychological
contradictions, as the era of mental breakdown. In contrast, era
more distant era of the beginning of cultural life seem to us more
one-piece, with a more harmonic world view" (p.4).
From L. Karsavin the problem of identity is translated in a religious, as well
as the problem of communication: "Networking personalities is nothing like
individuation in them one and the same Supreme person and combining them into it and
it" (Karsavin L. P. On the individual. P. 152-153).