Saturday, December 7, 2019

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These Awesome Grandma Bridesmaids Are The Best

Jezebel-May 12, 2014
If you're trying to keep your special day about you, here's some advice: Don't ask your grandma to be your bridesmaid. You think a 5-year-old with a basket of ...
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19 Easy Ways to Turn a Bridesmaid's Dress Into an Awesome ...

Cosmopolitan (blog)-Sep. 25, 2014
1 into a group costume by having all your girlfriends wear their bridesmaids dresses too, but without the crown and other accessories. Now you're a beauty ...
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Ashley Tisdale's Bridesmaids (Including Vanessa Hudgens ...

Glamour-Sep. 10, 2014
If you're thinking about putting your bridesmaids in mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses, send them this picture from Ashley Tisdale's wedding as a lesson in how ...
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Latest wedding photo trend? For the brides and bridesmaids ...

Metro-Jun. 30, 2014
Wedding photos used to be a staged, professional affair that featured cheesy smiles, a lace-clad demure bride and a distant uncle that nobody had seen for ...

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