Thursday, December 5, 2019

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The 11 Most Iconic Outfits in Shania Twain's Music Videos

Paste Magazine-Aug. 15, 2017
The 11 Most Iconic Outfits in Shania Twain's Music Videos .... Dressed in a high-neck golden gown, slicked-back pony, flawless eye makeup and a bindi, she ...
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The Princess who wore her heart on her sleeve: An exclusive ...

Daily Mail-Feb. 18, 2017
'If I had to choose two dresses, her “debs” gown [a flouncy Regamus dress she wore to a ball as a .... It's a silk dress with silk lining — exquisite and now iconic.
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Dress like a Princess: Complete Diana's iconic look with ... 20, 2017
Everyone can remember an iconic Diana look; be it the black velvet strapless dress with sheer tights that she wore to The Serpentine Gallery, or the pearl ...

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