Thursday, December 5, 2019

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An Explanation About The Random “Bride” During Couture ...

Refinery29-Jul. 7, 2017
She's usually in a veil and a sweeping, white gown. She might have bridesmaids accompanying her, or a flower child. The looks are sometimes very ...
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Five iconic looks from the stylist responsible for Lil Kim's ...

Interview-Dec. 14, 2017
Five iconic looks from the stylist responsible for Lil Kim's seashell pastie .... The gold gown and matching jacket was created by Norma Kamali and all the other ...
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Jennifer Lopez Slays at the 2017 Grammys 12, 2017
In 2000, Jennifer Lopez established a Grammys red carpet legacy when she stepped out in the now-iconic, barely-there green Versace gown. Seventeen years ...
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The 30 Dresses That Put These Hollywood Stars on the Map 29, 2017
Jolie showed a softer side in a regal St. John chiffon gown while supporting Pitt .... aptly chose an iconic French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, to design a dress ...

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