Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Allure Magazine

Joie Just Launched the Most Ethereal and Affordable ...

Allure Magazine-Feb. 14, 2017
As soon as you start looking at price tags, the search for an affordable wedding dress can move from dreamy to the stuff of nightmares—finding an outfit that's ...
Story image for iconic gown from The Straits Times

The politics of fashion

The Straits Times-Jan. 21, 2017
Lauren, 77, is perhaps the country's most iconic living designer, whose clothes ... Vice-President Mike Pence's wife Karen wore a cobalt blue gown for the balls, ...
Story image for iconic gown from Observer

Here's How Off-White Interpreted Princess Diana's Most Iconic ...

Observer-Sep. 29, 2017
Here's How Off-White Interpreted Princess Diana's Most Iconic Outfits ... Even Diana's extravagant and voluminous wedding dress was given an overhaul by ...
Story image for iconic gown from Attractions Magazine

'World's most expensive dress' goes on display Nov. 9 at ...

Attractions Magazine-Nov. 1, 2017
Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress is now at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Orlando! ... The dress will be on display in Orlando now until the end of the year; there is no ...

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