Friday, December 6, 2019

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Meghan & Harry's Bridesmaids and Page Boys Are Very ... 19, 2018
The inclusion of Meghan's close friends' children represents a stark contrast with the bridesmaids who accompanied the Duchess of Cambridge down the aisle ...
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Woman claims she secretly fattened up bridesmaids before ...

Newshub-Oct. 23, 2018
An Australian woman apparently took being a 'bridezilla' to a whole new level - she claims she purposely feeding her "gorgeous" sisters weight-gaining ...
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What Made This Bridezilla Secretly Fatten Her Bridesmaids?

Bravo-Oct. 25, 2018
In years past, bridesmaids rolled their eyes at wedding requests of semi-ugly and overpriced bridesmaid dresses, weekend bachelorette parties to Vegas where ...


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That can be obtained from the pilot survey?

-- What is the occupancy of the alternatives. As a rule, from a set of alternatives, especially in questions that have a limited selection, no more than 2-4 alternatives, and the more answers offered in the question, the less their fullness. As a result, some alternatives may be "empty", i.e. none of the respondents have not chosen them or some of alternatives to chose a very limited number of respondents. The study may be interesting to the moment of choice or selection by a majority of respondents of certain proposed alternatives. However, you must remember that a small filling alternatives limits significantly the possibility of their analysis.
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Anonymous said...

In his work "At the watersheds of thought" Florenskysees
the difference between Catholics and Protestants in the form of orientation, one
vision, the other-at the hearing. The selection of this dominant channel
P. Florensky in common with the modern theory
neuro-linguistic programming. Orthodoxy he thought
"a harmonic balance of both visual and auditory type"
(Op. Vol. 2. P. 38). He appeals to this distinction of channels in the "Results" to
this book. He wrote: "From ancient times two cognitive
ability was esteemed the noblest: hearing and vision. Different peoples
the emphasis of the championship was put either on that or on the other; ancient Greece
magnified primarily vision, the East was put forward as more valuable ...
hearing" (Ibid. S. 342).
For Florensky was characteristic not only of attention to the field
the symbolic and the real, or rather the analysis of the real sphere from the point
of view of the symbolic sphere. Therefore, the number of works he devoted to the analysis of
space. This allowed S. jorogumo to make the following observation:
"The symbolism of Florensky -- not what is often referred to by this name in
semiotics: an archaic approach to the sign, giving a value of only oznacenom,
occupied only with respect to its meaning and full work with