Friday, December 6, 2019

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Why Didn't One of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's ... 23, 2018
After the adorable group of bridesmaids and page boys stole the show at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding on Saturday, they sweetly posed for ...
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'Bridesmaids' Sequel Probably Won't Happen, Director Paul ... 11, 2018
Bridesmaids” remains one of the biggest comedy hits of the past decade yet its director doesn't think a sequel to the 2011 film will ever happen. Speaking after ...
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The Sweet Gift Meghan Markle Gave her Bridesmaids 19, 2018
Meghan Markle's royal wedding was filled with lovely details—from her nod to the Commonwealth down to the shoes her bridesmaids wore. Kensington Palace ...
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Bride slammed for forcing bridesmaids to wear 'hideous ... 30, 2018
A baffled bridesmaid asked parenting forum Mumsnet whether it would be unreasonable to tell the bride that her gal pals don't want to pay for the "monstrosities" ...


Pearl Necklace said...

"The first question did not affect the Respondent's attention, he remained indifferent to their content. Apparently, he has not had time to rebuild and it was clear that mentally he still remained on his work and tore it apparently is not a good time. But as a conscientious person, he tried to understand the questions put to him, showed visible impatience and discontent and tried to make him a job offer in good faith. To the fifth question, his attention is somewhat deteriorated, he began to adjust to our interview and made the first remark in the course (question ______). In five to seven minutes he's already fully involved in the work and even began to show interest. The first stop we made on the issue of ______ and quite a long discussion because he was unclear. I carefully wrote down his proposal and he loved it (felt its role, significance and took an active position). After that, he became even more attentive to listen to the asked questions, and in the matter of ______ did, in my view, a significant comment on the specifics of the work, which in fact was not reflected in the question. The questionnaire, in his words, and I must say, just, I think, is faceless in the sense that its success could be used at other enterprises of quite the opposite nature of the work.
Difficulties caused of the scale. The Respondent does not read at their first reading, and he had to explain how to work with them. Realizing he calmly answered all the rest of the scale, however, often had difficulties assessments on proposed grades (mostly on a scale). Apparently, you need more to explain the rules of work with the scales, and, maybe, to revise yourself on the scale.
In General form, judging by the reaction of Respondent and his statements, leaves a good impression, most of the questions were understandable, the time to complete the questionnaire was spent a little in the range of normalized".
After passing the written reports, it is possible to have an oral exchange of opinions, which has its own characteristics. Not all possible to describe what you can Express in oral conversation. The collective exchange of opinions allows to clarify some specific idea and evaluation forms and to develop a certain collective opinion for each question and the questionnaire as a whole. The leader of the study, which has the final word, synthesizes both written and oral reports and makes the final decision: to leave a particular question in its present form or to reformulate, introduce new issues to restructure the questionnaire, etc.

Anonymous said...

sign system requiring add-paradigmatic approach
(a formal analysis of symbolic structures). Meaning ("phenomenon"), never
belittled and not pushed Florensky, but the themes and methods of his teachings
clearly visible activity PI paradigmatic and syntagmatic
consciousness..." (Horuzhiy S. S. The acquisition of specificity // Florensky P. A.
Op. Vol. 2. P. 9). Therefore, we can say that the basic ideas of Florensky as if
not theoretical in the sense of constructing abstract theories. They are likely to reverse
abstract reasoning, and derived from certain basic postulates
of human existence. This is what allowed him to project the idea of "name" in
any names and give them quite detailed specifications. Speaking
in other words, the source of knowledge lies outside of knowledge, what we don't
have a huge number of theorists who exist only in the
outlined their planes. Loosely, we can call it semiotics
religious, because here there is a very strong layer of rationalization,
which is not, for example, Vasily Rozanov.
What is a symbol of father Paul? "Being that more
the yourself -- that's the basic definition of the symbol. The symbol-is
something showeth himself that he is not himself, greater, and yet
substantially through him objavljena. Disclosed is a formal
definition: a symbol is such essence, the energy of which, spliced or
more precisely, created with the energy of some other, more valuable inthis
the nature, bears thus this last"