Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Refinery29

Who Knew That Kate Middleton Wore Two Wedding Dresses?

Refinery29-Sep. 21, 2017
The Duchess of Cambridge's first wedding gown immediately became iconic, with brides-to-be everywhere clamoring for a design that mirrored hers. (Preferably ...
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Beyoncé's Grammys Dress Had An Interesting Detail You ...

BuzzFeed News-Feb. 14, 2017
Peter Dundas, who created the gown, told Vogue, "I like creating stories within a ... from Gustav Klimt, Erté, and the lyrics to "Love Drought" for the iconic look.
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Sofía Vergara redefined wedding dress goals in this ...

HelloGiggles-Sep. 17, 2017
Ow ow! Sofía Vergara is always a total bombshell on any red carpet. But at the 2017 Emmy awards, the Modern Family actress may have outdone herself.
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Cannes Film Festival's: Best Dressed Of All Time 18, 2017
From Brigitte Bardot's demure day dress and Sophia Loren's sophisticated strapless ball gown, to Kate Moss's rare, yet impactful appearances and that Bella ...

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