Sunday, December 1, 2019

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We can't believe that Princess Diana's ball gown was found in ...

HELLO!-Dec. 11, 2018
The dress was later sold at auction for more than £155,000 and fashion and antiques auctioneer Kerry Taylor said of the gown: "It was an iconic dress, the ...
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The story behind the Duchess of Cambridge's iconic wedding ... 29, 2018
To mark their recent anniversary occasion, we look back at the story behind her Alexander McQueen wedding gown; A dress designed by the label's creative ...
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Madonna's most iconic fashion moments through the years 16, 2018
The hot pink strapless dress and white feather boa later went on display at a ... and performances; an outfit now considered to be one of her most iconic looks.
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10 of the Most Iconic Costume Changes in Broadway History 18, 2018
Going into the song's final chorus, the spotlight expanded back out and revealed Effie in a sparkly gown, as the stage lights returned to reveal that the scene had ...

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