Friday, December 6, 2019

Story image for bridesmaids from The Independent

This is the colour every bridesmaid will be wearing in 2018

The Independent-Jan. 3, 2018
Whether the bride wants to dress you up as human cupcake or a fabulously tacky Disney Princess is her choice and, as a sub-par participant in her “special day” ...
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Second-Look Bridesmaid Dresses Are Trending, but Don't ...

PureWow-Sep. 12, 2018
Being a bridesmaid is not cheap. So if your immediate reaction to hearing the words “second-look bridesmaid dresses are trending” was to start hyperventilating ...
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5 Unique Bridesmaid Color Pairings For A Fall Wedding 11, 2018
With mixed bridesmaid palettes becoming more and more popular, a blend of fall colors is a perfect solution If you're the type of bride who's less than enthused ...
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Announced the Royal ... 16, 2018
Kensington Palace resumed its normal wedding business this morning following the Thomas Markle drama, announcing the official bridesmaid and page boy list ...


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