Sunday, December 1, 2019

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The Most Memorable Oscars Dress the Year You Were Born 20, 2018
... picked up the Best Actress award for her performance in Shakespeare in Love. The hard-to-miss color and simple silhouette made this an iconic Oscar gown.
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Paris Hilton Rocks Daring Dress Identical to Her Iconic ... 11, 2018
Her iconic sparkly silver dress from 16 years ago — which had a lower-cut neckline and was far more revealing — was also paired with a thick, matching choker.
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Tracee Ellis Ross's massive pink Emmys gown is basically ...

HelloGiggles-Sep. 17, 2018
Everyone can go home now. Tracee Ellis Ross shut down the 2018 Emmys red carpet in a fuchsia Valentino haute couture gown. Leave it to her to keep things ...
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Iconic Dresses That Put Hollywood Stars On The Map

Fame10-Oct. 17, 2018
For most celebrities, there's a certain red carpet moment that will always be remembered as their most iconic of all time. Sometimes this is because the dress ...

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