Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Teenager recreates Beyoncé's most iconic Met Gala look ... 19, 2016
One of Beyoncé's most iconic looks - her appearance at the Met Gala Ball in 2015 ... most beautiful dresses in the world - a Givenchy nude gown, decorated with ...
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Alessandra Ambrosio Wears a New Take on JLo's Iconic ... 2, 2016
But what's perhaps the most striking about the gown—by London-based designer Alessandra Rich—was that it was reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez's iconic 2000 ...
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How Jennifer Lopez Inspired the Internet as We Know It

The Atlantic-Aug. 12, 2016
The gown, with its gauzy fabric and a neckline and hemline that plunged in opposite directions, is now seen as iconic. It was on the cover of magazines. It was ...
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Belle's Iconic Yellow Dress Got A Serious Makeover In Beauty ... 4, 2016
Belle was a revolutionary heroine for Disney in Beauty and the Beast. A bookworm with brown eyes and messy brown hair — a first for Disney — Belle was a ...

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