Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Princess Diana: Secrets of her iconic wedding dress revealed 2, 2019
She gave a glimpse behind the scenes into her experience of making the iconic dress. She said: “The first meeting, it was brilliant actually. She was unexpected ...
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Madonna's stylist on her iconic bridal-dress-inspired VMA ...

Yahoo Entertainment-Aug. 9, 2019
No one had ever seen anything like it at the time -- and Madonna's stylist Maripol, who was responsible for the star's Like a Virgin-era peekaboo bridal gown ...
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Highlighter Counts as An Outfit 22, 2019
Let your favorite club dress see the light of day by pairing it with fresh ... details, like knots and puff sleeves, give a fashion feel to the femme favorite floral dress.
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The Designers of Rodarte Reveal the Untold Stories Behind ... 7, 2019
... Reveal the Untold Stories Behind Their Most Iconic Celebrity Dresses ... "Working with Yalitza on choosing the material and silhouette on this gown was ...

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