Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Met Gala 2017: Kendall Jenner Accused of Copying Rose ... 2, 2017
On Twitter, some users pointed out that Kendall's dress looks very similar to the outfit that ... We like to think that this is a modernized tribute to an iconic style.
Rihanna Once Again Won The Met Gala Theme 1, 2017
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The Get: A Shoppable Look Back At Princess Diana's Iconic ...

Hollywood Reporter-Aug. 15, 2017
The Get: A Shoppable Look Back At Princess Diana's Iconic Style .... The bright, cobalt blue gown in one of Diana's favorite silhouettes--a single shoulder ...
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Jennifer Lopez's iconic Grammys dress can pretty much be ...

HelloGiggles-Aug. 29, 2017
Name a dress more iconic than Jennifer Lopez and her 2000 Grammys gown. Go ahead. We'll wait. Came up blank? That's because whether you loved it or ...
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Jennifer Lopez Still Isn't Over That Infamous Versace ... 12, 2017
But this night is not about dresses or even awards.” Of course, Lopez is referring to the gown that instantaneously made her a household name, that green ...

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