Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Christian Siriano's New Book Goes Beyond Just Compiling ...

Glamour-Nov. 7, 2017
Flip through the 223-page book and you'll come across Christian Siriano gowns you'll instantly recognize (like the dress Leslie Jones wore to the premiere of ...
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How Titanic's Iconic Necklace Almost Sank an Entire Company

Racked-Dec. 13, 2017
How Titanic's Iconic Necklace Almost Sank an Entire Company ... The caption for a brocade holiday dress ($248) featured in J. Peterman's Christmas 2017 issue ...
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Teens Re-Create Barack and Michelle Obama's Famous ...

Yahoo Food-May 12, 2017
... best of the season with an iconic look modeled on President and Mrs. Obama's at ... Michelle Obama's green, off-the-shoulder gown was created by designer ...
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Zendaya's Best Looks 21, 2017
In a black and red gown at the world premiere of The Greatest Showman in ... In a Viktor & Rolf sweatshirt dress accented with tulle and nude heels while out in ...

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