Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Grazia

Kate Moss Pays Tribute To Alexander McQueen, Recreating ...

Grazia-Mar. 13, 2015
Kate Moss Pays Tribute To Alexander McQueen, Recreating Iconic Dance From ... chereographer Michael Clark in a skull print spaghetti-strap McQueen gown.

Lily James Says Wearing Cinderella's Dress 'Was Like Torture ...

The Inquisitr-Mar. 16, 2015
Every girl would love the opportunity to wear Cinderella's iconic blue ball dress. But Cinderella star herself Lily James didn't enjoy wearing the ball gown that ...
Story image for iconic gown from New York Post

Jean Paul Gaultier's 10 greatest celebrity moments

New York Post-Apr. 1, 2015
A highlight in the show is, of course, Madonna's iconic cone bustier. But Madge ... Was it a stunning Edith Piaf impersonation — or this stunning fish scale gown?
Story image for iconic gown from Vanity Fair

Mad Men Style Evolution: How Don, Betty, Peggy, Joan, and ...

Vanity Fair-Mar. 27, 2015
Season 5: Two great, classic Joan looks to contrast here: a tweedy, office-appropriate dress in a killer color, and a “ladies who lunch” dress with bejeweled cuffs ...

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