Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Jennifer Lopez Walks Met Gala Red Carpet in Dreamy Blue ...

Billboard-May 1, 2017
Following her powerful Billboard Latin Music Awards performance, Jennifer Lopez continued her streak with a gorgeous baby blue Valentino cape gown.
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Miranda Kerr Is Expecting Her Second Child 15, 2017
The dress: Inspired by the iconic gown worn by Grace Kelly, Kerr wore a Haute Couture Dior gown designed by Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri.
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Amanda Seyfried's Dress Has A Little Something Special

BuzzFeed News-May 20, 2017
Amanda Seyfried's Dress Has A Little Something Special ... In fact, not only was Amanda's dress gorgeous, but it had a not-so-secret message sewn into the ...
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15 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Greatest Fashion Moments 10, 2017
This white evening gown, accessorized with a crossbow, sees Buffy through her ... 3's “Graduation Day, Part 1” wearing these utterly iconic red leather pants.

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