Friday, December 6, 2019

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Five Ways to Be the Most Supportive Bridesmaid Ever

Martha Stewart Weddings-Feb. 1, 2019
There's no doubt about it: Being asked to serve as someone's bridesmaid is a big honor, but with big honor comes big responsibility. Sure, the bride-to-be ...
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Inside Holly Hagan's extravagant engagement party with ... 27, 2019
During the special party, Holly unveiled her bridesmaids - including her Geordie Shore alumni Charlotte Crosby and Sophie Kasaei - the curvy star presented ...
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Bridezilla makes her bridesmaid wear contact lenses so her ...

The Sun-Jan. 15, 2019
A BRIDEZILLA is threatening to make her blue-eyed bridesmaids wear coloured contact lenses, in case they "clash" with her wedding theme. We've all heard of ...
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Bride slams her pregnant bridesmaid for holding her bump ...

Daily Mail-Mar. 13, 2019
Those that sided with the pregnant bridesmaid, who was seven months gone at the time, highlighted that she may have been feeling uncomfortable, ...


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