Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Emily Ratajkowski's Metallic Bar Dress Nods Elizabeth ...

Footwear News-Jul. 8, 2017
The va-va-voom silhouette recalled that of Elizabeth Hurley wearing an iconic black Versace safety pin dress in 1994 for a red carpet event. Hurley's black dress ...
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Miranda Kerr Shared Her Wedding Photos And Wow, The Dress

BuzzFeed News-Jul. 17, 2017
Miranda recently revealed that it was her "dream" to have Dior design her wedding dress, and that she and Maria drew inspiration from Grace Kelly's iconic ...
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The Best Dressed Stars on the Cannes 2017 Red Carpet 17, 2017
The jury member closed out the festival in a white cap-sleeve gown with red ..... looks iconic in her blue-and-white waterclor gown with a matching shawl.

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