Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Deepika Padukone on her iconic green Cannes gown: I was ...

India Today-Oct. 9, 2019
She also talked about her iconic Giambattista Valli Cannes gown, "But I'm challenging myself. And that through, for example, in the neon green gown I wore at ...
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@CopyLab Is the Instagram Account Making Digital Collages ... 30, 2019
Jennifer Lopez wearing an iconic Versace gown amidst the fog and sea (an ... Italy, who cuts and pastes together iconic moments in pop culture, fashion, and art ...
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The 15 Most Shocking Dresses Of The 1990s

Harper's BAZAAR-Aug. 9, 2019
Just as the 2000s did, the '90s played host to some of the most iconic, controversial, and shocking red carpet moments in fashion history, and, in a pre-social ...
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7 of fran drescher's most iconic outfits

i-D-Aug. 27, 2019
Her leopard mini dresses, faux fur coats, and bold two-pieces made 'The Nanny' ... One of Fran's most iconic pieces was the mini dress (matched with a blazer, ...

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