Friday, December 6, 2019

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Bridesmaid with cancer kicked out of wedding party for ...

Metro-Aug. 31, 2019
We've seen a fair few stories of bridezillas in our time, but this one probably takes the spot for the most horrific yet. While limitations on what the bridesmaids can ...
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'Bachelorette' Alum Rachel Lindsay Has The Best Advice For ...

StyleCaster-Aug. 10, 2019
“I don't have any bridesmaids.” Suddenly, it was like a flip switched, the skies opened up and I finally felt free. No bridesmaids!! In this overwhelming era of bride ...
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Real Bridesmaids Share Their Worst Bridezilla Encounters 31, 2019
The brides in these stories — shared by traumatized former bridesmaids — were ruthless, demanding and petty. When it came to their "special day," no bar ...
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This Is How Many Bridesmaids Go Into Debt to Be in a ...

Real Simple-Jun. 5, 2019
Being a bridesmaid (or groomsman) is an honor, but it's a lot of pressure too, pressure to show up and pressure to spend—a lot. Anyone who's been in a friend's ...


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