Friday, December 6, 2019

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32 photos that show how bridesmaid dresses have changed ...

Business Insider-May 28, 2019
Ornate bridesmaid dresses with ruffles, collars, and puffy sleeves have gone in and out of vogue. Patterned dresses dominated the 1970s, and bohemian ...
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Kathryn Thomas is having nine bridesmaids and we honestly ... 8, 2019
If you've ever despaired at the thought of getting your sister and your best friend to agree on a dress for your own big day, spare a thought for Kathryn Thomas.
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'Trashy' bridesmaids shamed for flashing their BUMS in ...

The Sun-Nov. 2, 2019
THESE "trashy" bridesmaids have been shamed for flashing their bums in a bizarre wedding photo. The group snap, which was posted on Facebook and then ...


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