Sunday, December 1, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from HYPEBAE

A Look Back at the Most Iconic Outfits from the Original 'Gossip ...

HYPEBAE-Jul. 19, 2019
A Look Back at the Most Iconic Outfits from the Original 'Gossip Girl' ... Blair and Serena are friendship goals in their matching Eleanor Waldorf backless dresses.
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Women Rocked Pantsuits At The Oscars This Year And It Was ...

BuzzFeed-Feb. 24, 2019
Women Rocked Pantsuits At The Oscars This Year And It Was Too Iconic ... But I'm not here to talk about the great, beautiful gowns this evening. Oh, no.
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Remember when Audrey Hepburn defined elegance in a little ...

CNN-Nov. 27, 2019
Remember when actress Audrey Hepburn turned a sleek black dress into an ... she defined one of fashion's most iconic garments: the little black dress (aka ...
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Times have changed! Kim Kardashian admits she used to ...

Daily Mail-Nov. 29, 2019
The reality star, 39, sat down with Vogue to look at iconic looks starting in 2006; Kim confessed the dress she wore to the premiere of season 1 of Keeping Up ...

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