Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Zac Posen Gives the Iconic Betty Boop a Totally New Spin 14, 2017
Zac Posen Gives the Iconic Betty Boop a Totally New Spin ... by King Features Syndicate to reimagine the comic strip turned screen siren's iconic red dress.
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Kate Middleton's Latest Red Carpet Look Was Head-To-Toe ...

Refinery29-Mar. 28, 2017
It was a fitting label for her return to the red carpet, since the fashion house was responsible for her now-iconic wedding gown. But Middleton's latest turn in the ...
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Grace Kelly's Iconic Wedding Dress Looked Straight Out of a ...

POPSUGAR-Nov. 15, 2017
Grace Kelly's wedding dress has been permanently cemented in history as one of the most memorable looks of all time. At the young age of 26, Grace retired ...
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14 Rare Photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's ... 29, 2017
The newlyweds in a candid, intimate moment just after saying their vows at St. Paul's. Diana's iconic dress was crafted by British fashion designers David and ...

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