Sunday, December 1, 2019

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You Can Now Buy Dresses Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw​'s ... 25, 2018
To this day, I still think about Carrie Bradshaw's iconic, poofy wedding dress. You know, the one where she almost walked down the aisle in, but then Big (played ...
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One of these 2018 Emmy gowns could be the wedding dress ...

HelloGiggles-Sep. 17, 2018
The 2018 Emmys are in full swing at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles tonight, September 17th. From Killing Eve actress Sandra Oh's stunning red dress to ...
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The Most Iconic Royal Look The Year You Were Born

Women's Health-Dec. 4, 2018
From Princess Diana's dance with John Travolta, to Kate Middleton's wedding dress, the royals have been serving iconic looks and are showing no signs of ...
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The Most Iconic Movie Wedding Dresses Of All Time

Fame10-Sep. 12, 2018
Iconic and memorable celebrity wedding gowns often predict the bridal trends for the months to follow. Celebrities are known for their ability to start trends and ...

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