Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Refinery29

What Party Girls Looked Like In 10 Different Points In History

Refinery29-Dec. 12, 2015
There are people who stick to party-ready basics like a little black dress, those who go ... Iconic flapper-style pieces in velvets and silks (and with fringe or lace ...
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Celine Dion's Most Typically 'Celine Dion' Outfits Ever

Huffington Post Canada-Mar. 31, 2015
Happy Birthday, Celine Dion! The iconic singer turns 47 on March 30, and we want to celebrate. We're taking a look back at the Canadian national treasure's ...
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6 Fantastic Things You Need to See From Zac Posen's Fall ...

Glamour-Feb. 17, 2015
Here's what could be Naomi's dress arriving wrapped and on a dress form. ... front row to the setting (in one of New York City's most magically iconic landmarks).
Story image for iconic gown from Refinery29

Seriously, Why Is Nicki Minaj's Wax Figure On All Fours?

Refinery29-Aug. 13, 2015
To illustrate her point with an example of another musician, one of Madonna's most iconic moments was rolling on the floor in a wedding gown while singing ...

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