Thursday, December 5, 2019

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What Happens to Red Carpet Dresses After Celebrities Wear ...

HowStuffWorks-May 15, 2017
Is the gown stuffed into a closet never to be worn again, or does the designer take it ... "Versace gifted her the dress, because it was such an iconic moment.
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150 years of first lady inaugural gowns, from Mary Todd ... 18, 2017
It's also an opportunity for the first lady to shine in a carefully selected gown that ... Take a look back at some of the iconic gowns and the ladies who brought ...

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Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Designer Is Launching a ... 30, 2017
The iconic gown was designed by Elizabeth Emanuel and her then-husband David Emanuel. Now, Elizabeth Emanuel is gearing up to launch a new fashion ...
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10 Hidden Details You Didn't Know About Princess Diana's ... 1, 2017
The design and details of the future princess's wedding dress managed to remain ... one of Princess Diana's most iconic moments and the dress at the heart of it.

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