Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Toni Braxton Wears LookReminiscent Of Her '94 AMAsGown ...

Hollywood Life-Nov. 24, 2019
The iconic singer wore an absolutely stunning off-the-shoulder sheet lace gown. The Yousef Al Jasmi white dress featured a mermaid train after showcasing ...
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Damian Hurley Recreates Mom Elizabeth Hurley's Iconic ... 25, 2019
Back in 1994, Hurley walked the red carpet in the now-iconic gown next to then-beau Hugh Grant. At the time, the daring look caused backlash with many ...
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Karl Lagerfeld's Red Carpet Legacy: See His Iconic Chanel ... 19, 2019
Nicole began establishing her reign as a standout on the red carpet in 2004, when she arrived at the Oscars in a strapless blueish-gray gown with beaded and ...
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Jennifer Lopez's Versace Dress Is Now Available As a Sneaker 20, 2019
It's been almost 20 years since Jennifer Lopez wore her iconic, Internet-breaking Versace gown to the Grammys, but it's still making headlines...and shoes.

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