Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from PopSugar Australia

The Ultimate Guide to Kate Middleton's Iconic Jenny Packham ...

PopSugar Australia-Oct. 31, 2015
Since Kate wore Jenny Packham twice in the last month, selecting a lovely red gown for a diplomatic dinner and a cool blue dress for a film premiere, we think ...
Story image for iconic gown from Marie

Illustrated: 100 Years Of Beautiful Royal Wedding Dresses

Marie 16, 2015
From Grace Kelly to Princess Diana, Kate Middleton to Queen Elizabeth II, 34 now-iconic royal gowns have been illustrated on the timeline, showing the ...

Story image for iconic gown from Good Housekeeping (blog)

A Look Back at Elizabeth Taylor's Wedding Gowns

Good Housekeeping (blog)-Mar. 18, 2015
For her May wedding to the hotel heir, Taylor wore a princess-cut satin gown that showed off her (tiny!) waist. And her dreamy multi-layered tulle veil added to ...
Story image for iconic gown from ABC News

'Cinderella' Star Lily James Originally Auditioned for a ...

ABC News-Mar. 9, 2015
Re-imagining “Cinderella's” iconic ball gown for the new film was the brainchild of Oscar-winning costume designer Sandy Powell. It took 270 yards of fabric, ...
Meet Lily James, the Feminist Cinderella
In-Depth-Daily Beast-Mar. 13, 2015

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