Sunday, December 1, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from The Indian Express
The Indian Express

Paris Hilton has found her wedding dress and it's so Paris Hilton

Vogue Australia-Apr. 24, 2018
Paris Hilton is preparing to marry her fiancĂ© Chris Zylka and ever since they announced their engagement over Christmas we have been collecting receipts on ...
Story image for iconic gown from InStyle

Melania Trump's Most Talked About Looks

InStyle-Jun. 22, 2018
Take into account that the American government has placed some of their most iconic gowns in the First Ladies Collection at the Smithsonian's National ...
Story image for iconic gown from HELLO! Canada

Victoria Beckham shows her funny side in Vogue video

HELLO! Canada-Sep. 4, 2018
She poses for snaps in the classic Posh Spice little black Gucci dress, her iconic wedding gown by Vivienne Westwood and, of course, that amazing cut-out ...
Story image for iconic gown from (blog)

The 2 Iconic Movie Wedding Dresses She's Meant To Wear ... (blog)-Dec. 15, 2018
We fantasize about the guy, the venue, the cake, and, of course, the dress. In fact, the dress may be the most important part, at least when it comes to imagining it ...

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