Thursday, December 5, 2019

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The Dress Marilyn Monroe Wore for JFK Just Sold For $4.8 ... (blog)-Sep. 22, 2016
Update: Marilyn Monroe's "Happy birthday Mr President" dress has broken records ... "We believe this is the most iconic piece of pop culture that there is," said ...
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The 14 Most Iconic Celeb Dresses Of The '90s Are Incredible ...

Bustle-Jun. 27, 2016
There's a certain decade that's absolutely everywhere you look these days — so, now that the era is coming back again with a vengeance, I think it's worth taking ...
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Diana and The Queen's Dresses Go on Display at Kensington ...

ABC News-Feb. 10, 2016
There are eighteen couture gowns on display in five rooms including some of Diana's most iconic dresses. One of them is a bottle green double-breasted velvet ...
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Dazzling in designer! Princess Mary steps out in her favourite ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 28, 2016
... viewed the latest royal portrait of herself, which is part of the 'Iconic Portraits' exhibition. ... For this occasion she paired the dress with a matching pashmina.

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