Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Entertainment Tonight

The Best Oscar Dresses of All Time: Revisit Halle Berry ...

Entertainment Tonight-Feb. 22, 2016
A beautiful dress can live forever. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the Oscars, and we'll definitely never forget these stunning styles. From Halle Berry's ...
Story image for iconic gown from Rappler

The story behind Pia Wurtzbach's famous blue gown

Rappler-Dec. 22, 2016
'It's about time we show a Filipino made gown. Especially at Miss Universe,' Pia says as she looks back on the night she was crowned Miss Universe 2015 ...
Story image for iconic gown from Refinery29

Has Pippa Middleton Said Yes To The Dress?

Refinery29-Nov. 29, 2016
(The iconic dress even spawned a lawsuit, five years after the big occasion.) Even though the Duchess of Cambridge's lace-adorned look is pretty timeless, next ...
Story image for iconic gown from Refinery29

Why Beyoncé Wore That Lemonade Dress

Refinery29-Apr. 28, 2016
For Beyoncé, a song is never just a song; a video is never just a video; a dress is never just a dress. And though her recent launch of Lemonade was filled with ...

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