Sunday, December 1, 2019

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The £1 wedding: Thrifty bride and groom prove the Big Day ...

Daily Mail-Sep. 5, 2013
But incredibly, apart from the £70 they had to pay by law for their marriage fees, their only expenditure was a pound on Georgina's vintage wedding gown.
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Kelly Clarkson shoots down pregnancy rumours

NDTV-Aug. 24, 2013
The rumour surfaced when Clarkson revealed her plans to elope with Blackstock and get married, who has two children from previous marriage, reports ...
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The world's earliest wedding car found in Somerset museum 4, 2013
Experts believe the 1903 photo of a veteran Daimler shows the first time a motor vehicle was used in a wedding. Now 110 years on, newlyweds can recreate the ...
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Kim Kardashian puts her recent troubles behind her at the ... 15, 2013
The former couple, who wed in a lavish wedding in 2011 and separated 72 days later, were due to meet to try and agree a settlement to avoid their divorce case ...

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