Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Sealed with a kiss! Princess Madeleine of Sweden marries US ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 8, 2013
Sealed with a kiss: Princess Madeleine of Sweden kisses her new husband, British-born financier Chris O'Neill, following their lavish wedding ceremony in ...
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Beyonce and Solange Skip Dad's Wedding to Gena Avery

YouTube-Jul. 8, 2013
Beyonce and Solange Knowles just skipped dad Mathew Knowles' second wedding to Gena Avery. Solange had a concert but Beyonce was not performing.
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Christina Ricci ties the knot with camera technician love in ... 28, 2013
Proceedings kicked off at 7pm at lavish Park Avenue venue Harold Pratt house ... Christina was the epitome of bridal elegance in an embroidered white silk tulle ...
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Brides in bloom: the story of royal wedding flowers 22, 2013
The Fifties became an era of lavish wedding flowers. Hollywood rode the wave, producing film after film showcasing elaborate, fantastical weddings and anxious ...

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