Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Princess Diana's Most Memorable Outfits

The Cheat Sheet-Mar. 22, 2019
From the frilly wedding gown to the infamous “Elvis dress” (see page 14) here .... Walker's beaded white gown with matching bolero may be even more iconic.
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Karl Lagerfeld's most memorable designs throughout his career

The Independent-Feb. 19, 2019
News of Karl Lagerfeld's death has left the fashion world in mourning, prompting many to look back on the creative director's unrivalled legacy in the industry.
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16 of The Most Spectacular Valentino Couture Looks of All Time 18, 2019
The designer's last collection was shown during the Spring 2008 couture season and it ended with a tribute parade of his most iconic red gowns. Since his ...
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Relive Kim Kardashian's Iconic Fashion Week Appearances ...

E! Online-Sep. 5, 2019
Relive Kim Kardashian's Iconic Fashion Week Appearances Over the Years ... off her baby bump in a fully lace gown?) have made her a staple at fashion week.

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