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Olivia Wilde Wedding Date, Dress Designer Chosen, Maybe

The Inquisitr-Apr. 10, 2013
Olivia Wilde's wedding was the topic of discussion at a dinner Monday night at The ... first wedding, to Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli, wasn't quite that lavish.
Story image for lavish wedding from The Independent

Celebrities are not the only ones renewing their wedding vows...

The Independent-May 20, 2013
The bride wore a giant meringue, the groom a gold-braided white tuxedo and 250 guests witnessed the arrival of the bridal party in a horse-drawn glass carriage ...
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Stylist to the stars Caroline Sieber weds in fairytale Vienna ... 15, 2013
Stylist to the stars Caroline Sieber weds in fairytale Vienna wedding ... picture of himself and actress friend Emma Watson enjoying the lavish wedding in Vienna.

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