Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from People Magazine

Kerry Washington on Her Mesh Emmys Dress: 'I Feel the ...

People Magazine-Sep. 20, 2015
The actress wore an off-the-runway Marc Jacobs gown made entirely of mesh for her walk down the red carpet at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday ...
Story image for iconic gown from Irish Independent

How to get Kate Middleton's wedding gown - Louise Kennedy ...

Irish Independent-Feb. 21, 2015
How to get Kate Middleton's wedding gown - Louise Kennedy showcases bridal ... the answer for brides inspired by Kate Middleton's iconic royal wedding gown.
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An Ode to Lauren Bacall's Iconic Style (blog)-Mar. 4, 2015
And even before the iconic cover, Bacall modeled on the pages of BAZAAR, ... a Dior gown with gorgeous ostrich plumes and Norell's infamous Subway coat, ...
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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's wedding video from 1947 ... 25, 2015
The dress was designed by Britain's Norman Hartnell, who was known for his ... and were able to witness the iconic moment when Elizabeth, who was 21 at the ...

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