Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Judy Garland style file: the Hollywood actress' iconic dresses ...

Evening Standard-Jun. 10, 2019
Judy Garland's style might be most equated with ruby slippers, but her time as an actress (and not Dorothy) was marked by kitten heels, elegant updos, feminine ...
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Princess Diana's iconic Catherine Walker gown to feature in ...

The Sun-Feb. 15, 2019
FROM her everyday wardrobe of shirts and jeans to her iconic "revenge dress", Princess Diana was a famous lover of fashion. And now Kensington Palace has ...
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The Best Dresses and Gowns from the 91st Annual Academy ... 25, 2019
The Academy Awards is one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. The best and the brightest of film ascend upon the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to toast the ...
Story image for iconic gown from The Sun

Diana's iconic 'revenge dress' was chosen last minute after ...

The Sun-Jun. 29, 2019
However, the iconic ensemble almost never happened according to royal ... when she donned the "revenge dress" in the wake of her split from Prince Charles.

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