Thursday, December 5, 2019

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'Immortal Beauty: Highlights From the Robert and Penny Fox ...

Wall Street Journal-Oct. 26, 2015
Upon her first peek into the archives she identified not one but three dresses by the couture house of Callot Soeurs, a favorite of the ... Iconic pieces abound.
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7 Standouts of Michelle Pfeiffer's Cinematic Style (blog)-Apr. 29, 2015
Michelle Pfeiffer turns 57 today, but she's doubtlessly a beauty of the ageless variety. From her breakout role in Scarface, to crowd-pleasers like The Witches of ...
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Bar Refaeli Transforms Into Boho Bride For Her Wedding Day ... 30, 2015
The Sport Illustrated Model shared the first photo from her nuptials on Instagram this week, looking gorgeous in a bohemian style gown next to her new hubby.
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Kate Middleton Stuns In Blue Gown At James Bond 'Spectre ...

Huffington Post Canada-Oct. 27, 2015
If there's one man who deserves a royal audience, it's James Bond. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Prince Harry attended the ...

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