Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Famous dress brings out hundreds of Marilyn Monroe fans to ... 14, 2017
A champagne coloured gown from one of Hollywood's most recognizable style ... actress Marilyn Monroe wears the iconic gown that she wore while singing ...
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About Emma Watson's Iconic 'Beauty And The Beast' Dress

Elite Daily-Feb. 24, 2017
Were any of us to attempt the feat of, say, stitching our own dress, the process could take weeks. I honestly have no clue. I once cut the crotch out of a bathing ...
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Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Had a Secret Message—But ...

Reader's Digest-Dec. 22, 2017
Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Had a Secret Message—But No One Knew About It ... the touching tribute Kate Middleton snuck into her iconic wedding dress?
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Leigh-Anne Pinnock ChannelsBritney Spears' Iconic ...

Hollywood Life-Feb. 22, 2017
Leigh-Anne Pinnock's Brit Awards look was a total #TBT as she stepped out in a full-on denim gown, totally channeling one of the most iconic red carpet ...

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