Monday, December 2, 2019

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Emma Watson gives Belle's iconic yellow dress a modern day ... 15, 2017
On Monday evening Emma Watson, who plays Belle in Disney's much-anticipated remake of Beauty and the Beast, took to the stage at the Lincoln Centre in ...
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The 9 Best Selling Wedding Dresses of All Time 13, 2017
The most iconic gowns of the century—think: Grace Kelly's high-neck lace, Kate Middleton's modern long sleeves, Solange's minimalist cape and Bianca ...
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Jennifer Lopez's Sultry Gown Is a Flashback to Her Iconic ...

InStyle-Nov. 16, 2017
Though Jennifer Lopez's Versace gown from the 2000 Grammy Awards will go down in fashion history, the pop icon isn't ready to let it rest in the books, ...
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Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Designer Opens Up About ... 2, 2017
... Diana's Wedding Dress Designer Opens Up About Creating the Iconic Gown ... the young bride donned an awe-inspiring David and Elizabeth Emanuel gown.

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