Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Us Weekly

Dianna Agron's Wedding Dress Was Not the Valentino You've ...

Us Weekly-Oct. 19, 2016
In fact, she was all dressed in white! While it was widely reported that Dianna Agron wore an embellished Valentino dress on her wedding day, Stylish can ...
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Snickers “Happy Birthday” Super Bowl Teaser Ad Reimagines ...

Marketing Land-Jan. 26, 2016
Taking the stage in a long evening gown, heels and a fur, the singer sounds a lot ... “Since we're kicking-off the '50' celebration of one of the world's most iconic ...
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Why Jane Fonda Chose a 'Small' Engagement Ring from Ex ...

Style News - StyleWatch - 17, 2016
She's auctioning off some of her most iconic outfits (and yes, her iconic workout ... other pieces from that movie for auction,” she says of her 1991 wedding gown.
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Rare Photographs of Marilyn Monroe Go on Display in London 19, 2016
The exhibit showcases some of the most iconic photos of Monroe, from Kirkland's ... Her Cue, which shows Monroe posing wistfully in a strapless tulle gown.

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