Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Dame Shirley Bassey donated a glamorous gown on a visit to ...

WalesOnline (blog)-Nov. 21, 2016
The fund was launched back in 2003, when she auctioned off 50 of her iconic dresses in a bid to raise money for both the college and the Noah's Ark Charity.
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Carol Burnett, SAG Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Talks ...

People Magazine-Jan. 29, 2016
... SAG Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Talks Career, Costumes and Her Gown ... to design a dress for the occasion: Bob Mackie, the iconic Hollywood designer, ...
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Kate Middleton Recycles Her Stunning Jenny Packham Gown ...

Racked-Jun. 22, 2016
Kate Middleton Recycles Her Stunning Jenny Packham Gown From 2011 ... is one of a few instantly-iconic evening looks the royal's worn over the years — the ...
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Inside Fendi's Breathtaking Couture Show at Rome's Trevi ... 8, 2016
... shows ever—a clear plexiglass runway stretched across Rome's iconic Trevi ... detailed blue coatdress and red boots and later in the show, an ethereal gown.

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