Friday, December 6, 2019

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'Bridesmaids' Director Paul Feig Recounts Kristen Wiig's ...

Showbiz Cheat Sheet-Aug. 18, 2019
Who can forget the hilarious movie Bridesmaids? Though it's been quite a few years since it's release, the film, which was a rare straightforward comedy that ...
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Bridesmaids Get Brutally Honest About Paying For Hair ...

Refinery29-Aug. 9, 2019
Being a bridesmaid is both an honour and a commitment. For all the champagne toasts and tears of joy, there's also the hours spent helping the bride find the ...
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32 Hairstyles Your Bridesmaids Will Actually Want to Wear 28, 2019
So you hate your bridesmaid dress. Tale as old as time, really. Although there may be nothing you can do to sway the bride's belief that everyone wants to wear ...
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Bridesmaids' legacy is friendship, not friends' shit

The A.V. Club-Nov. 5, 2019
Think of Bridesmaids today, eight years after its debut, and one scene leaps to mind: the dress-fitting, a symphony of spewed bodily fluids and unsavory noises ...


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