Friday, December 6, 2019

Story image for bridesmaids from Allure Magazine

Bride Goes Viral for Telling Pregnant Bridesmaid to Stop ...

Allure Magazine-Mar. 14, 2019
A viral Reddit "Am I the A**shole" thread strikes again with a tale of a bride who felt wronged by one of her bridesmaids. This time, the bride in question, had ...
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Always a Bridesmaid? It's Going to Cost You

Motley Fool-Jun. 15, 2019
It's an honor to serve as a bridesmaid or maid of honor in someone's wedding. That honor, however, generally comes with major expenses and a fair amount of ...
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55 Cute Group Chat Names For Bridesmaids, Because You're ...

Elite Daily-Aug. 6, 2019
Now, you're officially part of the bride squad, and your first duty as a bridesmaid is to form a group chat with the entire crew. As an active member of several ...
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This Woman's Wedding of Her Dreams Included 20 Bridesmaids

Inside Edition-Oct. 17, 2019
This bride-to-be couldn't choose between her closest friends, so she had all 20 of them in her wedding. For Alexa Given and her groom, Tyler Given, it was a ...


Pearl Necklace said...

We chose this example because of the pragmatic "label" surrounding the transmission of stories and whose anthropology diligently transmitted to us. See: Clasters P. Le grand Parler. Mythes et chants sacres des Indiens Guarani. Paris: Seuil, 1974.

80 About narratology, which introduces the analysis of the pragmatic dimension, see Tr.Well.Geneta: Genette G. Figures III. Paris: Seuil, 1972.

Anonymous said...

here we come to the main differences, on the one hand,
delimited text from an actor, on the other, giving the work a truly
creative assessment. "The text just a little, in the strict sense, the material of the actor,
like "the sitter" -- material painter... Your material actor
puts creative formation, when he turns to his voice,
intonation, recitation, gesture, facial expressions, figure, word, to his "mask-face"
(persona)" (P. 85).
He further traces the types of becoming a hero in the case of literature and
the case of the theatre. The Central difference of the image of the reader and viewer
he sees the following: in a literary work it is possible to obtain the image of a hero
to the middle or the end of the novel, in the drama the actor obliged immediately to give
image as a whole. By the way, this is another difficulty of the work of the actor and
accordingly -- its creative.
G. Shpet removes another typical objection, which States that
the actor just imitates life situation, therefore, does not
can be creativity. No, says G. Shpet, actor "conditionally
depicts the character, not copy of any valid
subject. He creates imaginary persons themselves. The writer not only
this does not, and does not help him in this" (p. 86). Note
emerged even protivopolojnosti work of both, which certainly
not correspond to the typical idea of the role of the actor as successor
the work of the writer.