Thursday, December 5, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Vanity Fair

Barbra Streisand Didn't Realize Her First Oscars Outfit Was ...

Vanity Fair-Nov. 17, 2016
The hemming and hawing over which dress to wear. ... of Oscars outfits Internet lists, which deem it alternatively “iconic,” “wacky,” “outrageous,” and “worst.
Story image for iconic gown from

Look of the Day: Cicely Tyson Looks Like Royalty in ... 27, 2016
Iconic actress Cicely Tyson did just that as she gracefully stepped on the scene at last night's ceremony in a stunning silver jacquard gown by iconic Black ...
Story image for iconic gown from Business Insider

One year ago, the internet lost its mind over 'The Dress' that ...

Business Insider-Feb. 26, 2016
One year ago, BuzzFeed unearthed photo of a seemingly ordinary dress on Tumblr. But quickly, the Internet began losing its mind over the garment. Was it black ...
Story image for iconic gown from W Magazine

Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" Dress Could ...

W Magazine-Nov. 15, 2016
Then there's the shockingly pink gown she wore to sing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best .... is spectacular, it's the context in which it was worn that makes it iconic.

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