Sunday, December 1, 2019

Story image for iconic gown from Fame10

Audrey Hepburn's 16 Most Iconic On-Screen Looks

Fame10-Jul. 5, 2018
Follow along for 16 of her most memorable and iconic on-screen looks of all time: ... to improvise and create a gown on the spot when guests began to arrive.
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Jennifer Lopez keeps that iconic Versace Grammy dress on a ...

USA TODAY-Dec. 12, 2018
Jennifer Lopez is thrilled that her immortal Versace dress, the one that shook the world with a neckline that plunged well below her navel, is having a second act.
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16 of the most iconic dresses in romantic-comedy history 25, 2018
How-to girl Andie might know how to lose a guy, but she also knows how to keep one: a drop-dead-gorgeous slinky yellow dress. Who but Kate Hudson could ...
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Versace Recreated Two of Its Most Iconic Red Carpet Dresses ... 3, 2018
Serving as the grand finale to the Pre-Fall 2019 show, Versace reissued the iconic gown in a new heart pattern. The look was worn by Amber Valetta, who also ...

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